Carpet cleaning is necessary to keep a clean home. Nothing is worse than seeing black tracks throughout the high traffic areas of your Salt Lake City home. Not only will professional carpet cleaning keep your carpets looking new, but it gets rid of the deep down dirty and grime. For households with pets and children, it's very important to clean up what vacuums won't. All of our carpet cleaning services include pre-inspect, pre-spot treatment, carpet cleaning, neutralizing, and grooming (setting nap). We do a minimum of four cleaning passes per carpet cleaning we perform in Salt Lake City and surrounding areas.  We are the best Salt Lake City carpet cleaning company!

Carpet Cleaning Salt Lake City

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"I called Larry to get out a basketball sized red stain out of the middle of my family room carpet--not only was he able to get it out completely but he got an old rust stain and small paint spot that had been there for a couple of years.  The whole room looks great.  I will definitely call again."   - Jenna