Wow! What a Problem We Had By Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat – 04/03/2009

My sister told me that Larry had come to her house and taken care of a whole bedroom that had been soiled by a dog. The carpet looks like new again. I have two very old cats that started in one corner of the basement carpet and worked their way to the next corner with urine. Larry came in and lifted up the carpet, tore out the pad, replaced it, and sealed the cement so that the smell couldn’t escape. He treated the back of the carpet as well as the top. Three months later the smell returned. I called him and he came right out to get the really bad spots again. I am very pleased with his service and recommend him highly. If you have a stubborn stain or smell in your carpet, don’t waste hundredsof dollars to treat it yourself, like I did, just call Larry.

Great Job By Jenna – 03/31/2009

I called Larry to get out a basketball sized red stain out of the middle of my family room carpet–not only was he able to get it out completely but he got an old rust stain and small paint spot that had been there for a couple of years. The whole room looks great. I will definitely call again.

Fabulous! By Morozin1 – 02/10/2009

This man has a 100% guarantee on any piece of carpet that he touches, and we put that to the test. We moved into a 3700 sq ft home that had year old cat urine stains in 2/3 of the carpet. It literally smelt like the previous owner had 10 cats that were never let out of the house, and did not have a cat box in sight. This was a severe problem, but Larry gave us an amazing price. Not only did he fix our issue, but our house smells great. We can finally breathe when we walk through our front door. Thanks Larry!

Great Customer Service By Onetearofjoy

We needed same day service on a Friday, they were the only company I was able to find who helped us out. And how lucky we were to find them!!! The price was more than fair. The customer service was great. They worked on every little spot until the carpet looked like new again.We can only recommend this company, we will call them again.